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As a full service IT Support company, Quinque Inc. will analyze your needs and make recommendations on the best way to make improvements for today and going into the future.  We then manage the implementation of each of the individual elements of the solution - delivered on time and on budget - from concept, analysis, design, implementation, training, day-to-day support and management.

Information Technology & Support

On-Site Services

Remote Monitoring, Monthly

Pay By Minute

Arrive at your business or home to install, repair, or maintain desktops, notebooks, servers, software, or peripherals. Sell repair and deployment services, warranties and maintenance contracts.
Rates as low as $35.74 per hour

Deliver 24-hour remote monitoring and security for your system. This remote access tool is designed to enable our technician to troubleshoot your computer (via a broadband connection and to diagnose and repair problems - all under your supervision.
Rates as low as $25.00 per month

Use pre-purchased time blocks for our tech to diagnose, troubleshot, and fix your problem. Time is your account is yours to keep for the futures so you only pay for what you use.
Plans as low as $24.00 per hour

VOIP Phone Service

Digital Signage

IP Security

Offers a cost effective, feature-rich and scalable solution for small businesses or homes that need a customizable phone system. With low upfront cost and an affordable monthly fee, the Hosted VoIP has feature-rich options and allows you to easily stay connected with customers, co-workers, family and friends wherever you may be.
Rates as low as $49.99 per month

Display information, advertising, and other information with ease. From digital content creation to content management to content delivery to content display, use our all-in-one customizable digital signage solutions.
Solutions starting from $755.99

Provide indoor and outside protection and watch your business or home from anywhere with internet access - ranging from computers to cellphone - to see real-time video images of your premises.
Systems starting from $500.99

Digital Document Capture


Time Management &
Point-of-Sales Systems

Capture information efficiently and accurately, and then make it easily accessible at home, small office, or throughout entire organizations in digital electronic form. The paperless home or office is here!
Solutions starting from $409.99

Discover the true power and flexibility of your desktop, laptop or server by running multiple operating systems simultaneously and securely on a single physical computer or server, while reducing hardware costs by 50% or more. Automate and streamline tasks to save time and improve productivity. The desktop of the future!
Solutions starting from $190.99

Improve efficiency and reduce errors in employee time tracking by using and installing Time & Attendance Management solutions. Or lower costs of operation, improve sales and provide greater customer satisfaction with Point-of-Sales (POS) systems. Run faster and more efficiently. Will help make your business a success!
Solutions starting from $549.99



Innovative Services

Managed Print Services

Back-up & Disaster Recovery

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Remote monitoring and on-site services with single-invoice monthly fees for printer hardware, toner & consumables. Keep tabs on toner and consumables usage...replenishing items automatically as required.  Delivers service, consumables,and remote management in one solution.
Solutions starting from $55.75

Up-timefor mission critical applications is crucial for any office or home computer. With a full line of back-up and disaster recovery services, from on-site and off-site or a hybrid of both, users can rest assured that their data is safe, accessible, and instantly recoverable within minutes.
Solutions starting from $15.50 per month

Start entering your patient health information on computers...allowing at a press of a button full access to complete medical history and charts. Centrally located system for easy accessibility by authorized staff & practitioners. Eliminate lost or missing paper charts, prevent duplicate or unnecessary tests, prescribe medications electronically ...while increasing productivity and saving the environment.
Solutions starting from $1,150.00

Cloud Computing

Asset Disposal & Recycling

Trade-In Program

Gain "anytime, anywhere" access to applications, information, and resources from any internet-enabled  browser. No need to worry about upgrades, service packs, and maintenance because these are automatically managed and performed. Reduce cost. Improve service. Enable innovation.
Rates as low as $17.50 per month

Provide secure, environmentally friendly hardware disposal. From computers, laptops, monitors, batteries, printers, scanners to whatever. Help ensure your old systems are disposed of in a safe and ecologically sound way, and recover any remaining value from them towards your next purchase. Reduce your carbon footprint.
Solutions starting from $55.99

Upgrade products while receiving the current value for aging technology or donate used equipment.  Eliminate the hassles of old technology disposal by simplifying the process while benefiting the environment. Invest in the future. Maximize the past.
Rates as low as $35.76



Administrative Support

Virtual Information Technology Assistant

Website Design, Hosting & Maintenance

Outsource your tasks and have a Virtual Technology  Information Assistant (VITA) do your busy work for you. Imagine all the time you will save when a VITA takes over many of your general support tasks. From presentation creation and accounting to . VIA will assist you with the tedious, everyday tasks, allowing you to concentrate on more important things.  This is a big time saver for any business or individual.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services from
$33.00 per hour, or:

Bronze Package - $340.00 per month, 20 hrs

Silver Package - $600.00 per month, 40 hrs

Gold Package - $1,040.00 per month, 80 hrs


PowerPoint Presentations & Excel Spreadsheets from $30.00 per hour

Word Documents & Transcription Services
from $25.00 per hour

E-mail Management from $17.50 per hour

Printing & Mailing Services
from $15.00 per hour (+ cost of paper & ink)

Database & CRM Management
from $28.00 per hour

Publishing, Sales & Marketing Services
from $30.00 per hour

General Administrative & Support Services from $11.97 per hour, or:

 Bronze Package - $245.00 per month, 20 hrs

Silver Package - $440.00 per month, 40 hrs

Gold Package - $725.00 per month, 80 hrs

Ensure your website is always up ans running smoothly.  Failure to properly maintain sites can lead to serious issues. Effectively maintain an existing site, design a new website, register and administrate a  domain, or transfer your hosting service with us...and see how proactive our team can be in your website's success.

Designs starting from $345.00 (up to 12 pages)

Maintenance starting from $22.75 per month
Hosting starting from $17.50 per month


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